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A healthier work balance
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my approach is my authentic self

'I forgot that with flowers, weeds grow as well'

When things are flourishing in life, we forget to take care of ourselves.

Hi, it's me Femke. I’m an international consultant, mentor and assistant with the ambitious goal to encourage growing entrepreneurs and freelancers to create and maintain a healthy pleasurable work balance on their own terms. I do this in a way that is very true to me; not only with the necessary educational and work experience, but intense dedication, practice and experiences from my unique life itself.


With a rational background/culture, I developed myself early through always occupying my head, overthinking every little detail of work and life. Initially I was not conscious of the stress I was putting on myself, however in the young adult phase this started to change. It was in this time I started to flourish and as we do often when things are going well (also with business), I forgot to take care of myself. Things were going so well so why should I?


But I forgot that with the flowers, weeds grow as well; more (unpleasurable) obligations and tasks, higher expectations from myself and others and always a shortage of time. My head worked non-stop, stress levels only went up and worst of all… my joy disappeared and my epilepsy and other health issues increased. So did my medicine intake and time/money spent on other controlling methods in order to continue. Survival mode was on.

Work balance mentor

'Welcome to my world'

Something I did not accept any longer in 2016. I was just getting unhealthier and it felt no longer logical to increase my medicine just to be able to handle more stress. I realized my stress wasn't doing me any good and its symptoms would continue as long as I did not look at the root cause. So that was the moment I radically changed my life and dedicated the following years searching for answers and knowledge through study and intensive personal work. Investing a lot, confronting a lot … all leading towards the healthy balance and joy I feel today.

However this is an ongoing process; every moment demands other measurements and a healthy balance requires ongoing personal work. Something I truly dedicate myself to, enjoy very much and of which I use the experience I gain within Carve Management Support to support others on their journey. Towards taking ownership in taking care of themselves and their weeds; they have to do the work but I can provide some valuable shortcuts and support along the way. 

I am a true refuge and sounding board that people (who often do everything by themselves) can rely on at all times. And I do this with a very authentic approach. With my Dutch roots, I am practical, grounded and straightforward, but also energetic, mindful and compassionate as a result of what life has taught me through the years. It is this combination that makes me able to reach a lot of people, see the way they truly are and work very personally. But also challenge them for new perspectives without imposing fixed ideas or theories. 

And I do this amazing work all from where I am the best and healthiest version of myself; often from abroad, already 6 years without any medicine and surrounded by surf, nature, continuous self-care/work, creativity and great food...

Welcome to my world!




'Wat ben ik blij dat deze dame op mijn pad is gekomen! De samenwerking is erg prettig want Femke is vriendelijk, denkt mee, ontzorgt, oplossingsgericht, gemotiveerd en bijna eager (in de positieve zin) om jou te ontlasten. Zeer betrokken dus en ze communiceert ook goed en duidelijk, wat iets is waar het bij mij nogal eens aan ontbreekt :). Daardoor is ze ook een fijn aanspreekpunt voor mijn contacten. Ook is Femke goed op de hoogte van diverse marketing/communicatie middelen en als er wat ontbreekt, dan zoekt ze het met alle plezier uit. Het maakt niet uit waar op de wereld en in welke tijdszone ze zich bevindt, Femke staat altijd voor je klaar, zorgt er altijd voor dat ze goed bereikbaar is en is erg flexibel in het indelen van haar werktijd (ook in gevallen van nood). Het kan ook bijna niet anders... Femke is een Yogi en surft mee op de golven.'

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