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Workflow optimalization

Less is more

Who doesn't want more freedom? Having more time for what’s right for you, and less for what is making you struggle. Achieving a healthier balance in which you let your work serve you instead of the other way around.

You finally started your own business where you hoped to gain more freedom with and do what gives you most pleasure. Starting felt great and because of your enthusiasm, things flourished and your business started to grow. A great start… however while growing, you now feel like your initial goals are gradually slipping away under your feet again; freedom and pleasure decrease while negative stress factors are on the rise. Do you recognize yourself in the above and following?

  • The amount of secondary activities (i.a. finance / marketing) are rapidly increasing

  • They feel very time consuming due to lack of experience and ineffective work 

  • As a result they are taking valuable time away from what you enjoy most (core business)

  • As well the amount of expectations (yourself and others) and obligations increased 

  • The tangle of responsabilities and lack of structure make you feel stressed and lost

  • It feels like you lose control of yourselfyour business and quality of service/product

  • Your energy feels drained, spending most time on tasks you don't even enjoy

  • The initial feeling of ownership (freedom, pleasure and a healthy balance) feels far away

See… as beautiful flowers start to grow (your business), we often forget that weeds (secondary activities/tasks, obligations, demands) grow as well and if we do not take care of this well enough, we’ll soon be totally overgrown, our wellbeing will be overgrown and the exit won't be so visible anymore.  

However this can be done differently! Remind yourself that you started your business for a reason. You are really good in something and really enjoy doing this; the reason why it matters that your work exists! And equally remind yourself that your wellbeing is the root of the quality of your work. You need to feel good to create value. So let’s go back to working in a way that serves you instead of the other way around. Back to ownership of time, work, wellbeing and life…  What if this is not as unrealistic as you think?

Workflow optimalization


Pleasure is a big core value for everyone. Work often costs us an unnecessary amount of time and energy because we try to do everything ourselves and ineffectively. Also things we don’t like and are not necessarily good for us. But also demands, expectations and obligations are polluting our pleasure landscape, often directing us into a downward spiral of negativity. So this is what we aim to manage here; looking at what's taking you away from pleasure, creating solutions for this and letting your energy flow again

Pleasure = Quality




Another value most entrepreneurs recall is freedom. For everyone this means something else, but have you ever realized that there is a huge difference between having freedom and experiencing freedom? Some people have it but don’t experience it or the other way around. So apart from looking at what externally can be optimized (i.a. systems), I like to encourage you to look what can be optimized within you. Your mindset. Towards experiencing enough space to be able to direct and manage your (work)life in order to benefit your wellbeing.

Freedom = Power.


Even though health is not a value many people think of directly, it might be the most important one of all. Because bad health shows that we are off-balance and when being so, it becomes hard to become the best version of ourselves and experience the pleasure and freedom we desire. We also know that too much stress is one of the biggest causes of severe disease so why does it still not receive the priority that it deserves? Creating a ‘healthy work balance’ is my central point of focus and we make it also yours as I guide you along the way. 

Health = Balance.


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Time management

Hi, I'm Femke

I’m an international consultant, mentor and assistant with the ambitious goal to encourage growing entrepreneurs and freelancers to create and maintain a healthier and pleasurable work balance on their own terms. I do this in a way that is very true to me; not only with the necessary educational and work experience, but intense dedication, practice and experiences from my unique life itself...

I hope you find time to read my full story and see why this healthy (work)balance became the main focus of my personal and professional work. While nothing gives me more joy than continually developing myself, within Carve Management Support I use this experience to support others on their journey towards more ownership; learning how to influence, direct and manage their (work)life in the benefit of their wellbeing. They have to do the work but I can provide some valuable shortcuts and support along the way. 

A true refuge and sounding board that people (who often do everything by themselves) can rely on at all times. And I do this, with a very authentic approach. With my Dutch roots, I am practical, grounded and straightforward, but also energetic, mindful and compassionate as a result of what life has taught me through the years. It is this combination that makes me able to reach a lot of people, see the way they truly are and work very personally. But also challenge them for new perspectives without imposing fixed ideas or theories. 

And I do this amazing work all from where I am the best and healthiest version of myself; 

often from abroad and surrounded by surf, nature, continuous self-care/work, creativity and great food... Welcome to my world!

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Work management

'Wat ben ik blij dat deze dame op mijn pad is gekomen! De samenwerking is erg prettig want Femke is vriendelijk, denkt mee, ontzorgt, oplossingsgericht, gemotiveerd en bijna eager (in de positieve zin) om jou te ontlasten. Zeer betrokken dus en ze communiceert ook goed en duidelijk, wat iets is waar het bij mij nogal eens aan ontbreekt :). Daardoor is ze ook een fijn aanspreekpunt voor mijn contacten. Ook is Femke goed op de hoogte van diverse marketing/communicatie middelen en als er wat ontbreekt, dan zoekt ze het met alle plezier uit. Het maakt niet uit waar op de wereld en in welke tijdszone ze zich bevindt, Femke staat altijd voor je klaar, zorgt er altijd voor dat ze goed bereikbaar is en is erg flexibel in het indelen van haar werktijd (ook in gevallen van nood). Het kan ook bijna niet anders... Femke is een Yogi en surft mee op de golven.'




What is my offer

Everybody experiences stress. If managed well, it can even benefit the quality of our life. But when out of balance (i.e. chaotic or perfectionistic tendencies), stress often becomes a chronic default survival mode which will eventually be very destructive for our health, pleasure and performance. And the longer we stay in this mode, the more it becomes our 'normal' and the more difficult to get out. 


Physical and emotional symptoms occur. However not having the capacity to truly see the root cause, we end up treating only the symptoms and done by someone else (i.e. physio for back pain). A great way for short relief, however the real problem is not being resolved; stress will continue to rule and so will new symptoms. Which is why Carve Management Support does things differently;

Looking at the root cause/stressors of people's struggles (i.a. increased work, more demands,

lack of time/freedom, health issues) and improving that first, instead of treating the symptoms.

Giving people ownership; showing them how to learn to tap into the possibilities within them towards

understanding, creating and maintaining a healthier (work)life balance that fits them. 

Carve Management support guides entrepreneurs/freelancers towards real, long term and sustainable results in work/life management.

This means that we often have to work on mindset first, before we can go to the area of practical solutions and methods in this. 

Working with me is for those who are ready to open their mind and truly want to invest in creating a better reality for themselves;

being able to realize and maintain a healthier/pleasurable environment and letting business/life work for them instead of the other way around. Realizing that when we put our wellbeing first, our effort, quality and results will be a direct reflection of this.

Are you ready to enter the world of possibilities?

I can be of great support through these two types of services (or a combination of both).

Mindset Work

Discover the possibilities & live from your essence!

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Bedankt voor de inzending!

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